Tips on Driving in Spain

Rainbow along the coastal road of Spain

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To fully explore off-the-beaten tracks destination, experience Spain’s beautiful countryside and appreciate the diverse and immense beauty this country has to offer, a driving holiday is our best option. Check out what to look out for and what to expect while planning for a road trip to Spain.

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Travel Barcelona – La Sagrada Familia

Bell towers and city of Barcelona

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The Church of Holy Family is a representation of the complex merger of architecture and engineering knowledge by Antoni Gaudi, intricate artwork and deep faith by its craftsmen. La Sagrada Familia is reputed as the church that is always under construction. True enough, only 4 bell towers were completed when we visited.

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Sant Miquel Trail – Medieval Path to Montserrat

Sant Miquel Trail

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Sant Miquel trail is the most important way to reach Montserrat in medieval times. Fast track to today, it is one of the longest and toughest (probably most memorable) trail from Placa del Monestir. The trail provides minimal shades (which makes the walking tough…

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