Must Visit Side Trip from Dubrovnik

The main draw for our long drive to the other end of Croatia had to be Dubrovnik old city. This fascinating old city was so full of charm that we were mesmerized by it the moment we stepped foot on it. If you are planning on a road trip to Dubrovnik, check out our experience at Driving to Dubrovnik Old City.

Besides the old city, there are two must visit side trips from Dubrovnik that sweeten this journey.

Mount Srđ

This mount is situated directly opposite Dubrovnik old city. That means, it offers bird’s eye view of the entire Dubrovnik and the numerous islands that surrounds it. It was a fantastic must-see view!

To go up to Mount Srđ, if you prefer some adventure, then drive up. Else, take the Dubrovnik cable car. Mountain road driving always excites us. How can we not grasp this opportunity!

The entrance that leads to Mount Srđ is quite narrow (only allows one car each time); and the signage pointing to the entrance is rather small and can only be seen on one side of D8. If you drive out from Dubrovnik old city, you will naturally be on the side heading towards Split. Make a U-turn further down the road to the opposite road heading towards Cibaca. You should see the signage somewhere along this road. The entrance is a very sharp turn.

Unlike the mountain road that we drove in Triglav National Park, this one doesn’t have much steep curves except for the initial part. However, most part of the road only allows one car at a time. And some parts can be narrow and very near to the cliff (no barrier). So, drive with caution and enjoy!

Ston City

Ston city is about an hour’s drive from Dubrovnik old city. It is best covered either on your way to Dubrovnik or on your way back towards Split.

The small town is renowned for the freshest oyster, mussels and clams. After all, the town grows these themselves.

Mussels and Oyster farm in Ston Croatia

There are numerous seafood restaurants here thus prices are competitive. We chose a restaurant at the back alley since price was good and was crowded. Ordered their signature clam platter for 2 person and paid only half of the price for a similar platter that we had in Zadar. The one we had in Zadar was delicious and tasty. But this one in Ston was amazingly addictive!

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Seafood is the main highlight of this town. But, Ston is also well-known for housing Europe’s second longest city wall, the Wall of Ston that circled round Ston and Mali Ston.

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It is not called the second longest for no reason. The city wall traces round and round the mountains surrounding Ston city. We only managed to capture a tiny little part of this massive city wall in the picture above. Go for it if you like, count us out though.

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