Common acronyms use in Singapore

Singapore is also known as the land of acronyms. For those unfamiliar with acronyms, it is basically a short form of the longer version of the name. For example, MRT = Mass Rapid Transport, the equivalent of the MTR in some countries.

As a tourist, it will be useful to get familiarize with some of the common acronyms use in Singapore.

SIA – Singapore International Airlines, the national carrier of Singapore
MRT – Mass Rapid Transport. It is a train services running in Singapore, like the MTR or Subway
LRT – Light Rapid Transit. The LRT is connected to the MRT, and is used to serve the town area
SBS – Singapore Bus Service. This is the company that runs the Singapore bus network. When you ask for direction the buses to take, Singaporean will always answer, “take SBS bus number 196 to this location”

Highways / Roads 
ECP – East Coast Parkway. When you arrive from Changi International Airport, the driver will usually take you to the city via ECP expressway
AYE – Ayer Raja Expressway. This expressway is connected to ECP
PIE – Pan Island Expressway. The expressway running North-South of Singapore

KPE –Kallang-Paya Lebar Express. This is the longest underground expressway (as of year 2010) tunnel in Asia

CTE – Central Expressway. This expressway runs along the central part of Singapore

TPE – Tampines Expressway. This expressway runs along the northern part of Singapore

CBD – Central Business District. This is where all the financial intuitions are located

ERP – Electronic Road Pricing. This is a gantry system within the CBD where any vehicle entering will be charge a fee

GST – Goods and Services tax. GST is the tax charge by the government for services render, example when eating in a restaurant, buying goods like cameras or clothing, or renting a car

VAT – Value Added Tax. This is usually 10% and is charge by the restaurants for services render

CESS - Cess is a tax of 1% levied on cessable items, such as hotel rooms and towel charges, sold by tourist establishments

CAAS – Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore. The government organization that manages the Singapore air transportation hub, the Changi International Airport
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